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Theosophy Presented in Graphical Format

Anand Gholap

Slides made by Anand Gholap from PowerPoint slides created by Dr. KVK Nehru. Click on the name of the file to view. Clicking again will show next slide under same topic. For more details read instructions given below table.


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Man, God and the Cosmos

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Super-physical Bodies

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Mystery of Death and Reincarnation

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Prana and the Chakras

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Secrete of Thought Power

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Vanguard of Humanity

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Evolution through Chains and Rounds

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 Theosophy Presented in Graphical Format 


Topic No. 1

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   Man, God and the Cosmos

2.   Manifest and the Unmanifest

3.   The Three Creative Channels

4.   The  Three  Outpourings

5.   The  Seven  Kingdoms

6.   The Evolution of Life

7.   The Constitution of Human Being

8.   Group  Souls

9.   Variegation of the Group Soul

10.         Individualization

11.         Through Death to Re-birth

12.         The Law of Karma

13.         Operation of Karma

14.         Control of Bodies by Self

15.         The  Seven  Kingdoms (hidden)

16.         The  Chakras

17.         Stages  in  an  Incarnation

18.         ‘Evolution’ of Consciousness

19.         Types of Human Temperament

20.         Stages in Discipleship

21.         Qualifications for Initiation

22.         Stages on the Path

23.         Man and Beyond... 

Topic No. 2

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   The  Super-Physical  Bodies

2.   Key to the Colors

3.   The Astral Body (Undisturbed)

4.   Intense Anger (Astral Body)

5.   Shock of Terror (Astral Body)

6.   Rush of Affection (Astral Body)

7.   Deep Depression (Astral Body)

8.   Irritation (Astral Body)

9.   Passions in Average Man

10.         Mental Body of the Developed Man

11.         Causal Body of the Developed Man

12.         The Causal Body of an Adept


Topic No. 3

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   The  Mystery  of Death  and  Re-Incarnation

2.   The  Three  Outpourings

3.   The Constitution of Human Being

4.   The Process of Death

5.   The Human Life Cycle

6.   The Law of Karma

7.   Operation of Karma

8.   The Process of Re-incarnation

9.   Functions of the Etheric Double

10.         The Mechanism of Karma

11.         The World Mother at Birth

12.         Control of Heredity through the Permanent Atom

13.         Development of Network

14.         Thank You

Topic No.4

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   Prâna  and  the  Chakras

2.   The Solar Forces

3.   The Ultimate Physical Atom

4.   The Vitality Globule

5.   The Constitution of Human Being

6.   Functions of the Etheric Double

7.   Shape of the Chakras

8.   Structure of the Chakra

9.   Working of the Chakra

10.         Names and Functions

11.         Types of Nervous System

12.         Chakras and the Nervous System

13.         Root Chakra (Műlâdhâra)

14.         Spleen Chakra

15.         Navel Chakra (Manipűra)

16.         Heart Chakra (Anâhata)

17.         Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

18.         Brow Chakra (Âjnâ)

19.         Crown Chakra (Sahasrâra)

20.         Distribution of Vitality

21.         The Health Aura (Etheric)

22.         Modification in Developed Person 

Topic No.5

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   The Secret of Thought Power

2.   The Two Effects of Thought

3.   Three Kinds of Destination

4.   General Principles

5.   Three Classes of Thought Forms

6.   Key to the Colors

7.   Sustained Anger and Murderous Rage

8.   Explosive Anger

9.   Angry Jealousy

10.         Watchful Jealousy

11.         Selfish Greed

12.         Greed for Drink

13.         Selfish Ambition

14.         High Ambition

15.         Sudden Fright

16.         The Intention to Know

17.         Appreciation of a Picture

18.         Definite Affection

19.         On Meeting a Friend

20.         Devotion and Response

21.         Helpful Thoughts

22.         In the Six Directions

23.         Love for All

24.         Peace and Protection

25.         Self-Renunciation 

Topic No.6

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   The  Vanguard of Humanity

2.   The Seven Great Paths beyond the Human

3.   The Archangelic and the Angelic Officials - 1

4.   The Archangelic and the Angelic Officials - 2

5.   The Archangelic and the Angelic Officials - 3

6.   The 7 Creative Hierarchies

7.   The Hierarchs of the Solar System

8.   The Great Occult Brotherhood

9.   The Chohans of the 7 Rays

10.         Some Names of the Great Ones

11.         The  Himalayan  Valley – 1

12.         The  Himalayan  Valley - 2

13.         Châya  Darshan

14.         Blessing

Topic No.7

Number and Name of the Slide

1.   Evolution through Chains and Rounds

2.   The  Three  Outpourings

3.   The  Seven  Kingdoms

4.   The Earth Chain

5.   Cycles within Cycles

6.   Our Planetary Scheme

7.   The 10 Planetary Schemes of our Solar System

8.   Occult  Chronology

9.   Occult  Anthropology

10.         Successive Life Waves

11.         The Constitution of Human Being

12.         Correspondence of Rounds and Principles

13.         Inception of a New Root Race

14.         ‘Evolution’ of Consciousness

15.         Goals Set for the Chains (Earth Scheme)

16.         Degrees of Attainment

17.         The Inner Round: Speeding Up



Topic 1:  “Man, God and the Cosmos”                                                [23 Slides]

Modern developments in technology have brought great comforts to mankind, relieving us from drudgery and the vagaries of the environment.  They enhanced both the scope and the variety of our sensory enjoyment.  Above all, they have afforded us an increasing amount of leisure time.  In the wake of all these, however, the human being seems to have somehow lost the quality of depth, and meaning to his existence.  Those of us who are serious enough have been wondering whether there is any significance, purpose to this universe, to life—or is it just ‘make merry while you live!’

From time immemorial arcane knowledge about the Universe and Man has existed in the custody of a Hierarchy of advanced Beings, Rishis and was termed Gupta Vidya or Ancient Wisdom.  The esoteric Teachings of all religions down the ages reflect this great knowledge.  This knowledge reveals that there is a Great Plan—the Plan of evolution of Consciousness.  Doubtless, the scope of the Plan is so vast, utterly transcending the ambits of human experience.  But the advantage of knowing the whole Plan is that it immediately helps us in understanding our own place and role in the Divine Scheme—and more importantly and practically, it helps us regain the direction which we have lost in the welter of the ceaseless materialistic pursuits.

        We, therefore, trace out in this Theme a panoramic view of the entire Manifestation of the Universe, the Elemental Kingdoms of Nature and the idea of Group-souls, the appearance of Man, his constitutive ‘Principles,’ the process of Death and Rebirth, Karma and its operation, the goal and direction of the Human Consciousness, and glimpses of the super-human stages.


Topic 2 :  “Prâna and the Chakras”                                                     [22 Slides]

        The Etheric Double is the vehicle of Prâna, the Life Force emanating from the Sun.  How the sevenfold Prâna from the Sun constitutes what are called the Vitality Globules is depicted.  The Etheric Double forms the first link in the bridge between the physical or brain consciousness and the higher states of consciousness.  Therefore a knowledge of its structure and functioning, especially of the Chakras or Force-centers located in it, should be of vital interest to the student of the Ancient Wisdom.

        An account of how the Chakras specialize the five Prânas (vital airs) and distribute through out the body is given.  The seven principal Chakras are illustrated and described.  The Health Aura is introduced.  The modifications that take place in the Prânic flow, in the case of a person who has made progress on the spiritual path, are shown.


Topic 2: “The Super-physical Bodies”                                                 [12 Slides]

The physical body is the grossest vehicle the human being possesses.  The Etheric Double, though made up of subtle matter, is still physical.  Man also possesses an organized vehicle, the Astral Body, which enables him to experience desires, passions and emotions. Especially, how the various human emotions show up in the Astral vehicle is illustrated.

The Mental Body, with which man thinks is made up of the matter of the four Rűpa sub-levels of the Mental Plane, and the Causal Body, of the three Arűpa sub-levels.  Causal body is the seat of the re-incarnating Ego or Soul. The developments that take place, in the case of spiritually advanced Beings, are shown.


Topic 7: “Evolution through Chains and Rounds”                             [17 Slides]

The Ancient Wisdom teaches us


Ř   That there is  the Law of Periodicity—cyclical forthcoming and return, and the ceaseless alternation of Activity and Quiescence,


Ř   The existence of the Septenary System, and


Ř   The Duality of evolution, which affects both Consciousness and the vehicles it uses.


In some strange way the number 7 seems to be deeply laid in the architecture of the Universe.  Therefore Man follows the same pattern throughout his life cycle.  The Earth on which he lives, as well as all the planets of the Solar System, follow the same Law, with a period of activity technically called Manvantara, followed by a period of rest, Pralaya.

Human life on Earth is divided into seven Root Races, each developing a particular Principle in the constitution of Man.  Each Root Race, in turn is sub-divided into seven sub-races with different shades of evolutionary emphasis.

This series of slides depicts the Evolution of Life through the Planets, Rounds and Chains of Planets and beyond; passing from the three Elemental Kingdoms, the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, the Human Kingdoms to the lofty Dhyâni-Chohanic Kingdoms.


Topic 6 : “The Vanguard of Humanity”                                                     [14 Slides]

The Ancient Wisdom contains seven Teachings concerning MAN.


(1)          That man in his spiritual nature is a divine, immortal, imperishable being: for him there is no death;

(2)          The purpose of his existence is spiritual evolution to the stature of the Perfect Man.  This knowledge can give direction to his whole life;

(3)          That human perfection is achieved by means of successive lives on Earth;

(4)          That the whole process is governed by Law;

(5)          That attainment is utterly certain for all;

(6)          That men and women have already attained perfection.  Perfect Men actually exist on this planet.  Perpetually They help Humanity,  both individually and as a Race; and

(7)          Discipleship of a Master is a practical possibility for modern man.      


The Monad (Turîyâtma), existing on the Anupâdaka Plane, puts forth a reflection of itself and acquires vehicles on the lower Planes for the sake of gaining experience.  The Permanent Atoms and Principles get attached to the Monad with the help of the seven Creative Hierarchies (Pitri Devas).  These are Great Hierarchies of Beings, Who attained to high levels of Spirituality in earlier Evolutionary Schemes and assist the Human Monads in acquiring the various Permanent Atoms and Principles.

The Fraternity of Initiates and Adepts on this planet is sometimes referred to as The Inner Government of the World.  This Great Brotherhood is a reflection on Earth of the Supreme Deity as Emanator, Preserver and Regenerator of the Universe.   That One Alone becomes manifest first as a Trinity, next as a Septenary, and then as all the exuberant variety. There are Great Beings Who guide the entire evolution—human as well as non-human.  They are the Watchers, the Lords, the Dhyânîs, the Manus, the Buddhas, and the Bodhisattvas.



Topic 5 : “The Secret of Thought Power”                                            [25 Slides]


        The physical body is the grossest vehicle the human being possesses. The subtler bodies, namely, the Astral, the Mental and the Causal bodies of man, appear as shimmering and iridescent ovoids to clairvoyant sight.  The various human emotions show up as distinct colors and dynamic structures in the Astral vehicle.  At the present stage of human evolution thoughts are, to a great extent, intricately interwoven with feelings and emotions.  Thoughts are real and concrete things on their Plane.  They not only produce vibrations in the surrounding matter of the Mental Plane, which traverse long distances and act on sympathetically oriented Mental bodies of other individuals, they also create exquisite and varied FORMS of distinct shape, color and with a life of their own.

        Thought-forms, being discrete, act on other persons’ minds with great power and efficacy.  We all continually people the Mental Plane with these Thought-forms.  These could be of good as well as evil type.  Therefore, every one of us is responsible for the world of Thought-forms, and the subsequent mental impulses discharged by these on all Humanity.  An understanding of the nature of the Thought-forms will greatly facilitate the cultivating and culturing of the power of thought for helping others and uplifting Mankind.


Topic 3 : “The Mystery of Death and Re-incarnation”                               [14 Slides]

Death is a phenomenon which is of the deepest interest to every one of us, since the one thing which is absolutely certain in everyone's life is that one day one must die.  Even so, there seems to be no other subject which is full of misconceptions that are serious. Mankind has suffered vast amount of utterly unnecessary sorrow, misery and terror simply from its ignorance and superstition with regard to this important question.

        People are sometimes inclined to think that after all, it does not matter much if our ideas about death are distorted: one will find out the facts, they say, when one dies any way.  This opinion ignores the fact of the unnecessary sorrow and anxiety of the survivors, and secondly, they don't realize that the departed could easily have saved lot of trouble by having a previous knowledge of the after death conditions.

Considerable information on the process of death and the after-death states is available in the Ancient Teachings.  An understanding of these, will therefore, deprive death of its terror, anxiety and sorrow.

        The four lower Principles, which constitute the perishable Personality (Dęhâtma), are renewed every incarnation.  The real Individual, the Self (Jîvâtma) continues in the Causal Body, lasts throughout the Human stage.

Death is a process of successive withdrawal from the physical Plane 'upwards.'  The discarded Astral and Mental bodies linger as Shells and gradually disintegrate.  The respective Permanent Atoms become dormant. All the gains from the experiences are stored in the Causal body.

After a time of recluse in the Causal, when time comes for the next incarnation, the Mental, Astral and the physical Permanent Atoms get re-activated successively, in that order, each acquiring matter of their respective Planes, conducive to the new incarnation and gradually building them into bodies.

A class of Devas, the Recorders or the Lords of Karma (Lîpikas), assist the individual in the process of coming into a new incarnation by deciding the various parameters, with the objective to enable one to grow steadily towards the Archetype, the Ideal set by the God of the System.  There is a Cause-and-Effect Law behind the evolution of the human individual 

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